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This is a blog for everyday tales and stories which surround us and make our life somewhat special. It is not a fantastic creature, unicorns or kissed princesses you will be looking at, but things which continuously come and go through the history of the slightly civilised human kind and bring the colour and spice to our lives.

There will be jokes, there will fun. There will be journeys through music, art, cinema, history and day to day events. We will be trying to relate the past to the present and make our daily commutes through life events somewhat more special. 


This is an entertaining cultural platform with short articles, events and videos which will fill up your occasional need for knowledge outside your box and will let you taste something new with the most familiar of ingredients and flavours.

This is a place in which you will be introduced to something new and entertaining. A short engaging reading datewith the unfamiliar. Hopefully you will be leaving somewhat amused, more knowledgable and in a good mood.

The main theme will be music as this is what I know best, but sometimes we will be drifting into food, art, cinema, sport and anything that gets our endorphin going as I believe that knowledge, even if not profound, brings happiness.


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